We are a travel company headquartered in Freiburg Germany with offices both in the "Old World" and in the "New World".
We are one of the oldest established travel companies in southern Germany.

Our company was first registered in 1973 but really took off after Rudi Seiberlich the founder of Sky-tours, started to cooperate in 1977 with Laker Airways, a British based low cost airline (The first Low Cost Airline in the World!).

Sky-tours acted as General Sales Agent for Laker Airways. Laker started his standby only service from London to New York. It was called \'Laker Skytrain\'. Laker initially received approval to fly only to New York-London UK but with his great success he soon expanded with services to Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco and as well to some Canadian destinations. Sky-tours was responsible for the "vacation packages" of Laker Airways, providing low budget trips for the Americans to Europe and for the European Travelers, to the USA.

In Feb. 1982, Laker Airways folded and \'Sky-tours\' became one of the largest seller of discounted airline tickets in the USA and Europe with offices in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and California.

In 1997 Sky-tours started their first Internet booking services and is now one of the most important Online Booking Agencies in the web worldwide and offers low cost travel in more than 35 countries.

Our philosophy is to provide the best services at the best possible price.